CypherMonks Social Gatherings Open

2 min readOct 3, 2021
a lone cyphermonk contemplates over a beer at McLoud’s Pub

Today we are launching the official CypherMonks subreddit and discord server!

While we will always post updates, upcoming Chapters or Footnotes, and more on and here on our blog, our subreddit and discord are a great way to engage more interactively, get notifications, connect with others in our new little/growing community and just have some fun together!

This also gives everyone a way to interact when it comes to auctions or sales of certain NFTs. We are still working on some of the more advanced and automated processes and in the meantime will handle auctions in a simple and rudamentary fashion. We’ll discuss this more on reddit and of course answer questions and such on both Reddit and Discord.

The Way of the CypherMonks

If you have not seen the first fragment of our roadmap, AKA “The Way”, you can check it out here:

Per The Way, in just a couple days Chapter One will release with an exclusive NFT! This is the first official Chapter of the CypherMonks, but the Preface (aka Chapter Zero) can be found at

And of course, you can learn all about CypherMonks at

That’s it for now, come on over and join the CypherMonks subreddit and discord, we hope to see you there!

❤ Ülla and Ray ❤




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