The Beggars Bowl

We just released our Distribution model for JUDE tokens, and our first Functions info on how JUDE tokens will be used within the CypherMonks society!

We consider JUDE to be not just a fun token for collecting, we also created it with many FUNctions in mind and consider it an agile tool. It is also a token which crosses the barrier between realities and who’s functions may be practical or entirely impractical to the common observer…or at times even avant-garde.

In these beginning stages, most of the functions JUDE will serve surround access to various otherwise-exclusive activities and events. It also serves as access to information, in particular The Map To The Dead Hackers Society.

All will be revealed in its appropriate time.

For now, you can check out the many ways to get some JUDE for free and for those who enjoy taking a seat at the table of swaps, we are finishing up a slick swap smartcontract just for you, we call The Swappers Table.

Discover all the details of The Beggars Bowl here:

Wander in to our official Discord to find out more and get within earshot of our declarations channel where we’ll announce when the Table is open!

Official CypherMonks Discord



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